Saturday, July 09, 2005

Niagara Falls

We had a far better time at the Falls than what I expected. I just couldn't imagine the size and volume of the water that they contain. In the above picture the falls on the left consist only 10% of the total volume of water. The rest falls in the back, the Horseshoe falls.

Nicola Tesla was working at Cornell, and he built the first ever hydroelectric plant that can still be seen today at the edge of the Horseshoe falls.

3 things excited me most: First, the boat trip close enough to the base of the Horseshoe Falls. Suddenly we were being surrounded by millions of gallons of water falling all around us - it was impossible not to whisper wow.

Part #2: The walk close to the edge of a side-fall of the smaller American Falls. Next time I'm bringing my swimsuit there.

We tried to get a nice picture there but the mist of the water didn't allow the camera to focus properly. The water hitting us is about 1/1000 of the total water of the Niagara Falls, since the 10% of the 10% is falling at that fall, and we are being hit by water bounced off a rock, so that's another 10% there.

The Englishman and me had the most fun - this is right after the wet portion of the trip.

unfortunately no picture or words can capture the beauty of the falls in the night lights. It is truly one of the most spectacular images anywhere on earth. Next time I'm visiting the falls from the Canadian side, since the falls are essentially on the American side hence you need to be opposite in Canada to see them. A small Las Vegas has developed there over the past few years, and the place keeps increasing in popularity since the young brother of Napoleon went there for his honeymoon almost 200 years ago.