Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why Greeks are Greeks

This is just an example. On the way back from London to Athens, I flew with the Greek airline Olympic. During the flight the soccer championship final took place in Greece.

Midway in the flight (somewhere above Corfu) the speakers go on. "This is your captain speaking", the voice says. I was thinking there would be some delay at the airport or maybe the weather conditions changed because we were landing in about 1 hour. To my surprise, he said: "Since some people have been asking, Olympiakos-Iraklis 1-0. Olympiakos wins the championship".

While almost half the people onboard started cheering and applauding, I couldn't hold my laughter. I wondered if they announce the outcome of the Superbowl final in their flights in the US. This just proved to me why Greeks will always be Greeks and why it's fun to live in a small country.