Thursday, May 19, 2005

Late night sessions

Having associated Friends with my work at Brookhaven and New York, Desperate Housewives are definitely associated with the PAC conference. It's 4:18am, and the alarm just went off because the maid somehow messed it up and it's 4 hours later in time (8:18am). Erdem woke from his sleep twice to make it shut up - so funny! And we are supposed to wake up early and get a car and pick up Suzhi and Bing and visit the great Smoky Mountains; why don't I see this very likely to happen?

Meanwhile being ready to watch my 5th episode of Desperate Housewives for today, I realize how well crafted this show really is. Unlike Lost where things happen almost random and out of nowhere here the is a very reasonable sequence of events throughout the year; I definitely not feel being cheated and having things unexplained - whatever happened to the polar bears, the numbers, the sudden rainfalls, the island making wishes happen, the strange guy who they just killed after playing around with us Mr. Lost writers? In the Housewives the things get complicated but everything falls into place and has a logical explanation - the kid burning his father's raft? And the wife to poison her friend? And on the next episode, it's like they all got their brains rebooted and nothing ever happened. pfff....