Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Virgin is light years ahead of any other airline I've ever been with (and |I've travelled with several thus far). I'll skip some advantages (such as the bar at the entrance of the plane or the toothbrush+toothpaste combo they include)just to focus on their entertainment system that simply dwarfs anything else for economy class. Every passenger has a big personal lcd screen in front of his, plus a gamepad-like controller that adjusts channels, audio, video, games etc. the back of the controller has a phone and a credit card swiping slot for making phonecalls at any time.

They offer 50 movies and 50 tv shows on demand; I could choose to watch any movie I liked and any show I liked at any moment, independent of the others, plus I had complete control and I could, pause, stop, rewind or fast forward at any point. I watched 10 episodes from season 10 of Friends, plus I played Pong for a long long time. It's the first time I didn't need to have a book with me on the plane (still, Angels & Demons was a handy reading in the long lines in and out of the plane). The whole thing runs on Linux.

European airlines are overall better than the American ones, but they still need to improve on the organization issues. Nothing beats the US in that (aka time is money).

Next to me on the plane were two beautiful girls, the first was french and the other one apparently greek and she was going to London for business. She lives next to the Grove, and we promised we'll keep contact when we return.

From an under construction rainy Heathrow airport, over and out.