Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Final thoughts

Moments before I leave for Greece, I look back and try to evaluate last semester here in LA. Now that I come to think about it, this was the year that I embraced TV Show Watching. This is different that watching TV (partly because you don't need a tv - Bittorent works even better), because when most people watch tv they try to fill up their free time, or prepare to go to sleep, or have lunch, or watch the news, and they aimlessly navigate through the channels without trying to watch anything specific - just find anything interesting.

TV Show Watching is a different story: it is a connection between you and the creators, the writers and the characters. You watch every week (likely) to keep up with the plot. You discuss with other friends and people. You post your comments on the internet. You do your research behind the science or the facts that take place. It is a process much greater that plain TV watching that gives a fulfilling feeling. It's more like a ritual that takes place every week.