Tuesday, May 17, 2005

San Diego

First stop was la Jollia (The Jewel), a tip of land north of San Diego that is quite expensive and luxurious (as with all the places that oversee the Pacific Ocean). The place offers spectacular views around as there are 3 faces of sea and only 1 face of land.

Right opposite from downtown San Diego is the Coronado island, seperated from the mainland through a small strip of water. Not many cities offer their skyline in front of the sea.

That is the tallest bridge I have ever seen; it connects the mainland with the Coronado island. They actually built the bridge longer that necessary and curved because if it was shorter and staright it would be cheaper and they wouldn't get federal funding! The height is justified by thinking that San Diego is the naval US army capital of the states: some of the hugest ships of the world have to fit under it. In fact the northern half of the Coronado Island is a naval base.

No comments on this one (if you believe that's me).