Saturday, June 10, 2006

The morning I have to wake up

I don't know how people do it, but I never wake up early unless there is a really important reason to do so. Such reasons can be a cross-atlantic flight, teaching a class, or go to the Jay Leno show. One of the nice things if being a phd is that I don't have to work as an employee: I have my completely own schedule.

Tomorrow though I will wake up at 9am for another reason: a very special Roland Garros tennis final.

Roger Federer is already, at age 24, one of the best players in history. He has won 7 grand slams so far, including the last 3, and he was to be one of the few in history to win all 4 in a row. He is truly the best overall player around. He has never won the Roland Garros though.

There is only one man that has beaten Federer this year, 3 times already. He was the same man that beat him last year and prevented him of winning the tournament. He has 59 straight wins(!) in clay courts such as Roland Garros, the best winning streak ever. He is Rafael Nadal, and he is the opponent of Federer in this final.

If you have played tennis, you might know that clay is the toughest type of court to win easily. The ground slows down the ball, and you cannot have winner balls as easily: strong shots will not necesarily win the game. And that is the reason why roland Garron is the toughest tournament in the world, because it is all clay.

Federer is the best player overall, and Nadal is the best clay player. People have been waiting for this match from the start of the tournament two weeks ago.

Let us see...