Monday, June 26, 2006

$200 on Brazil?

Everything happnened so fast. We started with a single bet of $5, and now for tomorrow's games Brazil vs Ghana and Spain vs France we have 8 bets!

Me and Stavros bet $5 that Ghana will win after 90 min ( 10/1 chances). Then I bet $5 that Brazil will win 4-2 (50/1). Pgal got into the game, and he bet $200 on Brazil to qualify! (1.1/1). Then Andrew bet $5 that Ghana will win , and Shane (through Andrew) bet $20 that Ghana and Brazil will draw!

I also made a small $3.08 bet that Spain will qualify, and with Stavros we bet $10 that first half will be a draw and seond half a win for Spain!

It is a crazy, crazy day tomorrow. Me, Andew, Stavros, Pgal, and Mark will watch here in my house at 8am. Good luck to us all.

Apparently we will webcast everything:
Start at 8am PST