Friday, June 02, 2006

Miami & The Bahamas: Miami

A wise man once said to me: "When a girl thinks that she is pretty, you bring her to Miami".

How many times have you walked around, or been in someplace, and realized that here are no beautiful girls around? Don't you sometimes wonder where are all the hot women going? Why don't you see them? For years this phenomenon of temporal and spatial absence of hot girls has puzzled me; however I need wonder no more: I found them. I found them all. When they are missing, it's because they have come to Miami Beach!

Miami Beach is a small island off the coast of Miami. It's southern part, named South Beach, has now become the most popular spot anywhere in the United States for nightlife, replacing both New York City and Los Angeles. In this small region of land where everything is 20-30 minutes walking distance away, there are about 150 nightclubs most of which close at 5am.

Why are the girls so good in South Beach? There are a few simple reasons.

First, the weather. The temperatures even in the winter are in the upper 20 degrees celcious, and very ofther above 30 degrees. Considering the fact that the amount of clothing worn is inversely proportional to the temperature, this guarantees hot appeareances year-round.

Second, the girls are attracted by the nightlife. They like music, they like to dance, they like to drink.

Third, the girls are attracted by the beach. South Beach is home of the best beach in the US (apart from Hawaii), and the girls like that.

Fourth, it's the attitude. The place and the atmosphere urges you to dress better, dress less, prepare yourself nicely. Once this started, the standards increased, and so did the competition. Maybe it's like NBA: when there are so many good teams, even the crappy teams will do their best to improve an show better. In the same way, women that are not extremely beautiful naturally, they will dress and behave in such a way that makes them look a whole lot better than they really are... It took me a while to notice it carefully, but it is true.

All of South Beach is like a big party, a huge greek island. There are people everywhere, there are eateries, there are traffic jammed cars and limos, and there is the beach and the sea and the stars and the moon. Every single night of the week there are people (lots of people!) in the streets until 5-6am. It's tough to get into the clubs though if you are an outsider; you have to dress perfectly, have girls with you, wait for a few hours, and finally bribe the doorman to get inside. As you realize we didn't stand a chance as we were a group of 6 guys in a student budget wearing crazy colored shirts!

Here are some more pictures from our adventures there.

Clevelander: One of the few spots on Southe Beach that there is no doorman: free entrance for everyone, and that guarantees people around the clock.

This is another corner of Ocean Drive, during the day:

One of the most famous pictures of the trip:
If someone didn't know, it looks as if I am grabbing Stavro's balls fully. Well, I didn't. I just placed my hand in front of him, and from a distance it looked like that.

One of my favorite moments: surfing the net in an internet cafe
The difference between Miami and LA is that in South Beach you can work while having 2 beautiful girls in front of you rather than the standard conbination of Indian/Chinese labmates.

In the same internet cafe we found some scarfs hanged on the wall:
If you look closely, you may find something familiar...

Downtown Miami is exactly opposit eof South Beach, and much like any other american city (apart from New York). Mostly dead after hours. We found a nice corner near the docks, at 2am the night before we left for the Bahamas and tried to take one of our "artistic" pictures:

When we reserved a car, we asked for a mini SUV. Despite our unluckyness, they didn't have one, so they gave us a $40,000 luxury SUV:
The car was huge, but the 4 hour drive to the Florida Keys felt like nothing.

On our way to Key West (the southest key/island) we passed through the "True Lies Bridge". If you have ever seen the movie, you may remember the action scene towards the end (which by the way is my favorite action scene ever): while they drive their vans with the nuclear weapons inside them on the bridge, two Hurrier aircrafts blow up two parts of the bridge with missilles so that they cut them off and trap them. On our way there we were joking: "I hope they have fixed the bridge by now", "How are we going to cross", "Beware of the missiles" etc. When we got to that point, to our amazement, we saw this:

and this:
There were exactly 2 points in the bridge missing...

I was stoned. I looked it up online and they say that the missiles were added digitally and the explosions of the bridge were done in a smaller model they made. Rajay said that hey bought the bridge (there is a newer bridge in parallel to it of course that we re driving) and blew it up just for the movie. I don't know what to believe, is anyone knows for sure let me know!