Friday, September 30, 2005

Flightplan * *

Who? Themos, Frankie
Where? Arclight Hollywood

On top of wanting to see the movie, I wanted to take a closer look at Arclight's DLP digital projection system. Plus, their theaters have the best audio systems around, systems that surpass the THX capabilities that other theaters are struggling to barely meet.

Flightplan is a good thriller but I didn't like it because 80% is revealed in the trailer. The trailer ends with a question (is she imagining things or is it a huge conspiracy), and we have to go through most of the movie to get an answer, and there isn't much to it after that point. It is ver well filmed, and Jodie Foster's performance is once again too good. After spending a whole movie in one room (Panic Room), now she spends a whole movie in an airplane. What's next?