Sunday, September 11, 2005

The 2nd driveway

My good friend Thodoris just came to Caltech and he is staying for a few days in his uncle's house. When I decided to visit him at San Dimas, I get the following instructions: Exit the 10 freeway east, make a left, then right, left, right. It will be the second house on your left, second driveway.

When I looked at the instructions later, it stroke me odd: second driveway? What kind of place is this?

When I got there, I quickly realized what was all this about. There are 2 driveways, one for entering and one more for exiting, so that cars don't have to back up and and exit from the same entrance. The house was built on top of a hill, and at the back there was a pool with a waterfall.

(yes, that's waterfall)

I have been to other multi-million dollar houses here in California, in places like Pasadena, Palo Alto, Malibu etc, yet this one just leaves anything else behind. There is no point starting to describe things like "they have more bathrooms than we have rooms in our house" or "their guest bathroom is bigger than my own room".

To make things worse, the guy deals cars. In his garage we saw a Cadillac, a BWM and a couple of Porsches, one of which will be given to my friend who is more than willing to share and try to handle that baby. As I was driving back I was only wondering whether he has the same attitude with women too.