Sunday, September 11, 2005

Federer Vs Agassi

The US open final this year is so interesting. Federer has won 24 finals in a row, he has been 84 in the row weeks in #1. He has never lost a Grand Slam final...
Agassi is 35, he's a legend and he's in very good shape, plus he will have the crowd on his side... however Federer has won their last 7 matches. Let's see.

Edit: Watching Federer playing tennis right now is like watching Jordan playing basketball during his prime. It's just impossible not to admire his strikes and his consistency in his game. I think that if he plays his best game there is no man around than can top him. All the other players can hope for is that he will just play ok for long enough so that they can get a few points out of him. For now and for the next couple of years I can't see how he won't dominate the grand slam titles. He has 6 for now at the age of 24, and he will keep going...