Monday, February 14, 2005

You cannot murder only once

It was inevitable. It was meant to be this way from the moment we got a glimpse of this flyer for some loudspeaker course back last spring. Here we are now, after $1500+ and uncountable man-hours, we just had to complete the masterpiece.

It started with the idea of getting a nice 30" tv to watch some tv. And then we got cable tv. And then a dvd-player. And then 2 pairs of speakers. And then a 5.1 amplifier. And then a subwoofer. And then a subwoofer amplifier. And then surround speakers. And lots of wires. The whole living room (couches, shelves, racks, tables, etc) was adjusted to fit all these stuff appropriately. But that was not enough. We just had to go all the way to the end. We had to finish the crime. I remember Agatha Christie's Poirot saying : "Murder is an addiction. A person that kills someone will very likely strike again. That is the murderer's psychology, once he realizes he's capable of killing he will kill again with much less doubts that time".

So in our case too we had to finish what we started. The idea was conceived today, and it's only a matter of time now to get a movie projector and a projector screen. Probably some used guy worth a few hundred bucks. I am very curious to see when we will actually get it. I wouldn't bet :-)