Sunday, February 27, 2005


Lots of interesting stuff happened this weekend. After we found this nice projector on ebay, there are no news from the guy. Doesn't he want $1000 cash??

Next, on friday we went with Yao to buy the screen. We went to the store, payed them and then went to a warehouse 30miles souther to pick it up. A nice girl welcomed us, and this must have been the southest I've ever been in my life. Traffic was terrible though.

We tested the screen with Katsouleas' LCD projector, and WOW. Although the color quality wasn't good (contrast ratio 400:1) the size is just stupendous. You can see all the encoding going on in the dvd, even though we used composite video (the worst quality connection) and the video out of my laptop, as the dvd was reproduced by a software dvd player.

However the next day we tried to connect the component video, and the amp died. The receiver just can't reproduce audio anymore, more likely because of some short-circuit somewhere. As of now we have no idea why this has happened. On top of that, I realized that my dvd player doesn't have good component output (the red signal is not working) which means we can't use this player for the projector anyways. One step closer to the unconverting dvd players.

Saturday night, we went with Frankie and Melanie to watch Hotel Rwanda in Arclight Hollywood, so far probably the best movie theaters around here (THX!). The movie was really good and the performances awesome.

Sunday evening, the Oscars. To my bitter disappointment Million Dollar Baby won best Picture and Best Director, totally not worth it. It's not that good of a movie. Aviator still remains the best movie for me for 2004, it was just so complete! As for best actor, all of Jamie Fox (for Ray), Leo Di Caprio (Aviator) and the black guy for Hotel Rwanda had absolutely astounding perfomances. Ray won at the end.