Thursday, February 09, 2006

Riverdance, round 2

I first heard about Riverdance around 1997, that it was the most beautiful dancing show ever assembled. I saw them in the Oscars in 1999. I found out that they started from a 7minute performance in the Eurovision song contest, and the great success forced the composer to cprepare a full 2 hour show. When I came to the US, as soon as I found out they performed close to my place, I booked my tickets right away. So on February of 2004 I saw them myself for the first time, although from very high up in the balcony. It was definately most impressive.

Michael Flatley was the leader of the original group, who then left and created his own show, Lord of the Dance. I saw this show in the summer of 2005 in Greece, while listening with a small FM radio in one of my ears to the soccer semifinal between Greece and Chech Republic. The match went to extra time, and we all (the audience and the performers!) saw the rest of the match in a small TV at the snack shop of the theater! But, the performance itself was not as good as the original Riverdance. I was thinking that Riverdance itself was not a good show in the first place.

In February the Riverdance came again, this time in the historic and most beautiful Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I went with Dora to watch them again, and this time I had purchased quite good seats. Well, seeing them from close up made such a huge difference! I just loved it again, and I couldn't help admiring the beautiful work they have done. It is truly the best show I have witnessed so far. I am eager to see whether Celine Dion in Vegas will beat them...