Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jay Leno, round 5, and more...

We meet again! Me, Dora, Hlias and Dimitri went to Jay to see Harrison Ford. Although the guy is a legend, he was too shy when he talked in front of the camera. I don't know if it's just this time or he is usually like that, but he seemed too old and unable to speak. When asked about Indiana Jones 4, he hesitated but at the replied with a long "yeah".... we'll see.

The list of famous celebrities I've seen here in LA is growing:

Will Smith (@Jay)
William H. Macy (@Jay)
Charles Barkley (@Jay)
Forrest Whittaker (@Huntigton Park)
Shaquille O'Neal (@AMC Movie Thaters)
Tom Hanks (@Agia Sofia)
Carmen Electra (@Jay)
Ralph Fiennes (@Jay)
Harrison Ford (@Jay)
Tony Shalhoud (MIB, Monk, @LAX)
Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village, Dogville, @Jay)

The rest of the day included dinner at Manna (Korean BBQ, that is) and dessert at a coffee shop somewhere in KoreanTown. We also found out that it is possible to get tickets to Jay online, without having to go there at 7am and stand in the line! We'll try that for the next time (February 15th maybe?)