Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Friday was nothing, because I was coming back from Brookhaven, went straight home, and slept :-)

Saturday was just ok, relaxed, watched a coupele of shows, and then later we were to go to Christiana's party but Dimitri stopped by and we were too lazy to go (it's only 5min away). C'est la vie.

Sunday was nice. I picked up Stayros and CostasZ and travelled to camarillo, where there is a bounch of outlet stores with extremely cheap prices. Nike and Timberland start at $29.99, and the $200 boots I got from Timberland they cpst only $80 there... I also bought a few make up things for friends back in Greece.
Tne we visited the Grove which was packed with people, a nice Jew left us his spot after we were wondering around for over 20min... It reminded me of last year where me and Violetta parked in an expectant mother spot at Palo Alto! The main reason for visiting there was to try the Brazilian restaurant that Stayros had suggested. And wow, that must have been the best meats I've tried here in LA so far at that price. Niam niam.
On they way back home Frankie called and said we should watch a movie. So I stayed for about 30min home and left to pick him up, and we went to Century City to watch Aeon Sucks. I mean, Aeon Flux, that is. I knew the reviews were bad, and the movie remaind faithful to that. At least it helped my appreciate Serenity and Firefly which I am watching these last few nights at the US.