Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Final blogings, final thoughts

The counter I have installed at the firefox statusbar says 06 hours, 39 minutes. This is the time when I will have to leave for LAX, from there to JFK, and from JFK to Greece.

For now the plan is to go to Walrand's talk, the network guy whose book were taught as undergads at ntua. His talk is about internet pricing and game theory. Interesting...

At 6am I am going to be at JFK, wheere I have scheduled a 10 hour gap between my connecting flights so that I will have a chance to visit NYC for the first time in winter, and also a Xmas period. The temperatures are μπιλοζήρια, as Nikos said: Below zero, more likely around -7 degrees celcious. he said that if you haven't bought your jacket at NYC, then it's going to be no good at NYC at that cold. I hope it won't be too bad so that I can walk around a bit and test the new camera.

For now, I'll just watch the latest episode of Παρα 5 that gandr kindly uploaded once again, and head for school. Have fun.