Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Skeleton Key * * * + Wallace & Grommit * 1/2

Who? Themos
Where? Onboard a Boeing 757 from JFK to LAX

Wallace and Grommit... too much a child's movie. It's fun from time to time, but at the end I am glad I never watched it in the theaters. The 10" airplane screen was fine. Song btw has so far the best domestic airline services. They offer personal screens, with 10 on demand movies and live 30 tv stations (from satellite!). Plus, they offer water and stufff througout the flights, which none else does.

The Skeleton key on the other hand was better than what I expected. I had heard there is a surprise ending at the end, and still I couldn't guess it throughout the movie and it just blew my away at the end. The movie could have ended right there, with a two star rating, but the last 5 minutes gave it an extra one. Well done!