Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A small dream comes true

After several months of thinking, planning and discussing, we finally booked our next big trip: Me, Stavros, Dimitris, and Ilias, are all going to visit Miami and the Carribean. 2 days in Miami (bottom right tip of Florida), 1 day at the Florida Keys, the chain of islands that extends very south and which are connected with freeways (yellow line going low left from Miami), and then 3 days at the Bahamas, which are just 45min away from Miami. There we are going to visit 2 islands, the capital Nassau and the remote Grand Bahama.

We said initially to try and keep the cost down below $1000 total, but by adding our second island and getting a car at every location we are now each $810 lighter. About $2500 changed hands over the 5 hour long meeting in order to book flights, hotels, car rentals and select the proper locations. Our credit cards were charged in order to pay the travel websites; then we electronically exchanged money between our bank accounts in a matter of seconds to balance the debts; then our bank accounts electronically paid the credit cards. Not even a single paper bill was used. It just amazes me how a few transistors changed values from 0 to 1 and vice versa on some computers somewhere, and this is translated to a change in actual money.

I don't think we have realized it yet in what places we are going... it's like we are planning a nearby trip to a common place. We fly out on May 19th, the day the Da Vinci Code movie premieres...