Thursday, April 27, 2006

Man and (his) Machines

Ever since I got a personal computer back in 1995, I always had a special connection with it. It's not just a tool for me, but rather an extension of myself. When it runs smoothly, I'm happy. When there are problems, I feel like I am sick until I fix it. I always customize my operating system to my needs and likes. In fact, I don't think you can find any 2 computers in the world with exactly the same in hardware, software and customizations. Hence a computer reflects one's personality.

I use regularly 3 computers: my desktop, my laptop, and the computer in the office. Since I feel so human about these machines, I always used to call the hard drives names of real persons.

My main computer at home is called Timaras. It is a P4@2.8Ghz with a 17" monitor. Inside there are 3 hard drives. They are named Themos, Kallos, and Big Guy. The Big Guy is 250GB big, and hosts about 200GB of data, mostly photos, videos and tv shows. Timaras is also my nickname (Stems from Tim, which comes from Efthymios, the way my first English teacher called me), the name I use almost everywhere online (from yahoo to google and forums). I even use Timaras when I play games, for example in Civilization I am Emperor Timaras, my city is Timaroupolis and my people the Timarioi.

The computer in my office is stronger. It is a P4@3.0GHz with a 23" flat monitor. Hence its name is properly Timararas. It also has an external hard drive attached to it, 300GB big. I named it Huge Guy accordingly.

My laptop is the weakest link: it's a Pentium M at 1.6GHz, with a 15.4" monitor and a 100GB hard drive. I named it Timaroulis since it cannot compete with his big desktop brothers.

Finally I have a 1GB small USB flash drive that is attached to my keychain. I use it to transfer files between the brothers (it's faster than wireless in fact!). I have named it Timaraki, since it's the smallest piece of equipment I have.