Thursday, March 02, 2006


Everyone wants to improve oneself. we want better health, tanned skin, white teeth. In a similar way, the things and items we use are an extension of ourselves and we also want to improve them, because by improving them we improve ourselves. We need a better house, a nice car, a fast computer. We feel better when the items we use are better.

That is the case with out home theater system home in LA. What started as a single speaker building project, turned out to evolve into a state of the art entertainment facility. And now, our living room is unique: it's the first living room I have ever been that does not have a traditional television.

The single speaker became a pair, and the two speakers became 6.1. We added a 6.1 receiver, and then a projector an a screen. And we stayed like that for about a year, before the next major upgrade that occured the past few days: HDTV came and blew away the old fashioned 480i signals. Then a strong DVI cable to transmit the digital signal without any conversion at all straight to the digital projector. Then we mounted the projector into the ceiling, and removed the old CRT tv to Rajay's room to make some more space for the screen in a permanent way. Now the only way to watch tv in the living room is HDTV through the projector. We were drilling at 1am (sorry neighbours!) to get the holes for the mounts and the coaxial tv signal into Rajay's room, but it was fun.

There are still some things to be done, especially to get some kind of mounts for the wires to the projector that now have to be attached to the ceiling. Once that happens, I'll post some new pictures of our system here.