Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Friday: Dinner at Hortobagy (excellent Hungarian restaurant at Studio City), then Universal City by night. Universal City was a lot of fun, it reminds me of Times Square in NYC. Bars, restaurants, movie theaters, lots of people, live music etc etc.

Saturday: IKEA, first thing in the afternoon to get new furniture for Kostas' place. He spent $1100, exactly the money that I spent last summer for my room. Steak+eggs+pancakes at ihop, then quickly home for 30min and then off for Cat & Fiddle at Hollywood, for some new introductions.

Meanwhile I wrote the handout for lasers for our freshman EE class which turned out to be quite good I think. Then I finished the handout on Quantum tunneling, which I don't really know how good is it going to be. I went through a lot to manage to bring it down to the freshman (essentially high school!) level. Let's see what Katsouleas will think about that.