Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Concerning Vonitsaneans

This post from my friend Skipis' blog is just so true... You can replace Vonitsa with many other Greek town and it will still be accurate:-)

Concerning Vonitsaneans:

The Vonitsaneans are a happy sort of people, living their simple and uneventful lives at the shores of the Amvrakikos bay. Their lives mainly involve drinking coffee at the famous local cafeteria Jeffrey-O, wetting their legs in the murky waters of Amvrakikos and sleeping a lot. One of their favorite occupations is to go on weekend nights to the Comitis club and look seriously ultra-cool according to the local mating rituals. Vonitsanean girls are very pretty but, should you ever get infatuated with one, you should know that they can get you married in 2.7 seconds. Spontaneous wedding ceremonies are known to appear out of nowhere even if there is no one of marital age around.
Another major chapter in a Vonitsanean's life is driving a car. Using the Force is an understatement for a Vonitsanean's way of dealing with the steering of a car. Basic car-dodging skills are for some generations now inherited genetically to the local offspring. Vonitsaneans also don't seem to get to grasp the notion of a pavement, so you won't be able to spot any of them.