Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Looper

So a movie is forcing me to write a new blog post after almost three months.

(spoiler free)

Very few movies get to blend together action, science fiction and great storytelling as smoothly and effectively as Looper. It's a fresh time travel story. Here are the three things I liked:

There are 4-5 moments in the movie which are visually surprising. Not words, just very effective use of what you see.

Time travel is used as an underlying mechanism, but its complications and paradoxes are ignored in the movie. This simplified watching it, and did away with complicated story arcs.

Above all, as I was watching the final scenes, I realized there are no good guys or bad guys in this movie. Everyone is acting on its own interest. This is an absolutely amazing feeling that you very rarely see in action films, where for the sake of the story there should be good and bad sides. The characters are structured in a very complex manner.

PS: That kid is one of the most memorable child characters in recent memory.