Tuesday, December 12, 2006

PSP Experience

I bought a PSP after a request of my brother that he needs it in the lazy hours of guarding the post (he is serving the 12 month mandatory greek military serving). After I opened it I couldn't leave it off my hands for more than 6 hours... this thing is just amazing! I uploaded to the 1GB memory photos and Mp3s, and I watched the movie that they supply together. Then I spent 3 hours to try and get the divx encoded tv shows I had downloaded to play on the PSP. Apparently it is one of the most hacked systems ever! I even show screenshots with the thing running windows...! My top moment was when I connected to the wireless router in my house and I started browsing the internet, and I connected to gmail and started reading my emails... I almost cried from happiness... it was a true geek moment... thank you Sony!

By the way Sony sucks. All this proprietary formats are all crap, and they make everyone's life harder. Haven't they learned from their mistakes? Betamax? mini-disc? and now UMD? (not to mention blue-ray!) Only UMD video discs play in the PSP, and then videos in mp4 or h.264 format. Anything else has to be converted with a 3rd party program. I think they would have had a huge success if they had left everything free. Who would buy a UMD disc that will probably be useless a few years from now? Nintendo on the other hand is also proprietary but has kept backward compatibility: gameboy cartidges from the 1980s (black and white) still play fine on the state of the art nintendo DS!

I also connected with USB2 to my laptop to download the files and downloaded on the fly a new version for the "PSP-OS". You can connect your camera directly and download photos, or use infrared to exchange stuff with another PSP. Plus the screen is a crystal clear 16:9 480x272 pixels with 16.7 million colors, which beats the iPod by far!

Oh, it runs games too...