Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nature, at last

So out group finally got a publication in the most prestigious scientific journal Nature. I am not personally involved in this experiment, but almost one year ago I wrote about how using plasma accelerators they managed to accelerate electrons by 15GeV, the fastest electrons so far from a plasma accelerator. They didn't publish the result; instead they went back, increased the length of the plasma and got some more data. Then they managed to double the energy of the 3,000m long SLAC accelerator in just 1m of plasma (from 42GeV to 85GeV).

They sent the paper to Nature, and after disagreements among the first two referees it went to a third one who finally also approved it. It should appear in the journal soon.

Although out group has published in the News & Views and in the Brief Communications (single page) of Nature, in is the first time it will appear in the letters section. Great job, guys!