Friday, August 11, 2006

Airport Blog, 2

Am I lucky that I didn't book my return flights on thursday, the day the terrorist attacks were uncovered, or am I unlucky that I booked them right the next day?

I am in terminal 1 of Heathrow, the first day that the terminal opened for european and US flights of British Airways after the shutdown yesterday. It is mostly empty. Security was increased, it took us about 1 hour after we landed to get past them. A poor guy could not get the very expensive Loui Vitton purse that bought as an anivversary gift for his wife through them, so he went back to check it as luggage! Not many people though, and very few lines. I guess that people just decided not to travel after all the media coverage yesterday.

Our initial flight was cancelled, but we managed to get to the next one (thank god that Dimitri told me early enough so that we found seats)!

See you back in LA.