Thursday, January 12, 2006

The new semester costs $700

I had spent almost $0 from my US bank account since I went to Greece. And now that I am back in the US, in 3 days only I have spent more than $700! How is that? Well:

$50 for overweight luggage at delta; $126 for new semester fees at USC (Lab fees etc); $108 for the monthly internet and tv fees at comcast; $90 at Target for buying various household items (cleaning supplies etc); $90 at Bed, Bath and beyond and IKEA for some other stuff for the house; $130 for a new battery for my Mustang that just ran out; $50 for cell phone bill; and finally $50 for a nice meal at a french restaurant. Plus some minor expenses here an there. That always happens at the beggining of each semester for some reason.