Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Life is nice in the small village of Ithaca...

Cornell has a beautiful campus, probably the best I've been (and I've been to several ones). Excellent blend between the enviroment and the buildings. I mean, how many schools have canyons and waterfalls inside? :-)

Other than that, the real pain starts. We have astrict, almost military schedule:

while (day!=weekend) & (day !=July 1st) do
7am-8am: Breakfast
8am: Bus leaves for school
9am-5pm: Classes
5pm: Bus leaves for hotel
6pm-7pm: Dinner
7pm-Midnight+ : endless homeworks due the next day
Midnight+ - 7am: sleep

We have great fun though doing the problems. It's intense, rough, argumentative and joyful at the same time. The collaboration capabilities of such diverse groups never ceases to amaze me...